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Defending Criminal Charges in Michigan

After a person is arrested and charged with a crime in Detroit, Michigan, they will either be kept in custody or released on bail after booking. Being charged with a crime is very serious, and should be taken seriously by a defendant – their freedom is on the line.

The most important thing to do after you have been arrested for any offense in Detroit is to exercise your Fifth Amendment rights. These rights include protection from self-incrimination (the right to remain silent) and the right to have an attorney on your case, which should both be utilized immediately.

Defending criminal charges in the state of Michigan will be extremely difficult, but it is not impossible. When an arrest is made, police and other law enforcement officers must follow very strict protocol to take the person into custody and to collect evidence against them.

A search warrant will mostly likely state specifically the location that a police officer is allowed to take evidence from. For example, if the warrant states that only the bedroom can be searched, yet evidence is found in the garage, this evidence is inadmissible in court.

Having an attorney on your case will be extremely beneficial, especially with matters such as this. You will need a criminal defense lawyer to investigate the charges and to determine if the evidence against you was obtained lawfully or not. This will be key to the outcome of your case.

Lastly, when a Detroit criminal defense attorney takes your case, they should treat it with the utmost confidentiality and personalization. While the lawyer has likely seen similar charges in the past, each case will be different and should be treated that way.

To learn more about defending a criminal case, contact a Detroit criminal defense lawyer from Attorneys of Michigan today.

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