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Oakland County Drug Crime Attorney

Are you Facing Drug Charges?

Being arrested on a drug charge can be a very confusing and upsetting experience. The charges against you may seem complicated and undeserved. If you are being investigated for drug crimes or have been arrested on a drug charge do not hesitate in getting the help of a knowledgeable Oakland County criminal defense attorney with the expertise you will need to get the best possible outcome. I have successfully represented many clients facing drug charges over many years.

Drug Charges Lawyer in Farmington Hills

Not all attorneys are equally qualified to represent clients accused of drug crimes. The harshness of the penalties depends upon what drug(s) was involved and the amount. For example, conviction on a charge of possession involving a few grams of marijuana may result in probation, drug rehabilitation, community service, and fines, whereas a large amount could result in large fines, extensive jail time, even forfeiture of your property. As a skilled drug charge lawyer I have long experience in defending clients accused of a variety of felony and misdemeanor drug crimes such as:

  • Possession
  • Cultivation and manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

If you have recently been arrested for the unlawful possession, sales, or trafficking of any type of substance that should not be in your possession, you should immediately talk to an Oakland County drug defense attorney. Drug charges range in severity, and even a first time offender could find themselves facing maximum or enhanced penalties after an investigation. Even if you were simply holding the product for another person, or you were unaware that they were stashed in your home, you may still face guilty charges without an attorney. All types of drug charges, including the possession of a small amount of marijuana, are taken very seriously in the state of Michigan. Police officers and other law enforcement officers will do anything in their power to get a suspected drug dealer or drug user off the streets.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

With ever increasing government attention on reducing illegal drug use, law enforcement agents and investigators sometimes violate an individual's rights in searches and gathering evidence. Overzealous prosecutors may attempt to prosecute for crimes which were not actually committed or intended. When a client accused of a drug charge discusses his or her circumstances with me, my team and I carry out an in depth investigation into every facet of the case, to pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecution's case. I feel it is important to discuss the results of each step and any offers from the prosecution with a client. My goal is to win every case. With that in mind, I consult with each client to construct a compelling defense strategy which protects the client's interests. Call Attorney Daniel Hajji for a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer who cares about your future.

Contact an Oakland County Drug Charge Attorney at the firm to discuss an aggressive defense with a skilled criminal defense lawyer if you are facing drug charges.

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